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Meriflor-MeetMillionaire Difference Makers™ Mentor, Author, Speaker, & Master Coach.

Meriflor has been featured internationally in the media such as, Yahoo! Finance, International Business Times, The Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and many others.

She is passionate about making a contribution through service, transforming lives and making a meaningful social impact.

Meriflor truly believes that when women are empowered with money they become “difference makers”—they create better lives for themselves and their families, give back, contribute to the economy, change the world and transform lives.

She is a former executive who managed 8-figure public sector budgets that created major initiatives for social impact.

As the CEO & Founder of her company, Power With Soul, she combines her expertise on women’s relationship with money and her 15-year executive experience in leadership, business strategy and social impact for phenomenal results.

Meriflor is honored to serve women entrepreneurs who aspire to be global “difference makers” via a financially rich and successful business—leveraging money and business as a powerful force for good in the world.



  • An Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC) from Adler International and the University of Toronto/OISE
  • A Certified Professional Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation
  • A Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach from the International Association of Women in Coaching
  • A Money, Marketing and Soul Certified Coach from the International Association of Women in Coaching;
  • A Money Breakthrough Method Certified Coach; and
  • Mastery Certified Coach from the International Association of Women in Coaching

She also received her undergraduate degree in public administration and management and graduate studies in social policy.

She is a recipient of the prestigious Amethyst Award for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement from the Government of Ontario, Canada.

Meriflor makes her home in Toronto, Canada with her husband, daughter and loveable Golden

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